Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Giacomarro family!  

2020 has been a crazy year for all of us.  I am sure each family has been affected in different ways, and we are beyond grateful that we fall squarely under the “inconvenienced” category.  

We just managed to squeeze in a wonderful trip to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida at the end of January.  Rumors and concerns about the new virus were spreading, but with careful routines and extensive hand washing we managed to stay healthy.  

Our spring trip to The Netherlands was directly impacted by Covid, as lockdown started about two weeks after arriving.  We spent the spring laying low at our family’s home we rented for the trip.  Kamy and Caden were able to spend significant time riding their bikes around the lake and playing on the beach and in the water at Bussloo, so we were grateful for their freedom and independence.  If we had to be locked down, it was the best possible scenario for us!  We were mostly disappointed that we were unable to spend much time with our extended family and our roller coaster plans were scrapped.

We returned to Texas in May once our flight resumed and have spent the rest of 2020 at home.  We were hoping to take a dive trip to Cozumel in October to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and 20th dating anniversary, but that celebration will have to wait for a while longer. We have also called off our annual Christmas trip to Colorado until it is safer to travel.   

Homeschooling is going well and we are gradually increasing how much content we are working through per day.  We are home anyway, so we might as well make good use of our school room!  Both kids are working above grade level in multiple subjects, so they are keeping me on my toes.

One benefit of staying home is the kids are able to participate in local classes again!  Caden is competing with the Boys Gymnastics team this season and hopes the spring season competitions will continue.  He is competing as Level 4, Division 2 and is having a lot of fun! Kamy is taking a contemporary dance class and a once-monthly zoo class at our local zoo.  She really enjoys both classes and wishes she could go to zoo class more frequently!  

Here’s to a healthy and safe end of 2020 and the hope that 2021 brings a return to “normalcy” and stability for everyone.  Happy New Year!



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