Kamy — December

Kamy has been enjoying voice practice!  She’s working on learning how to sing Carol of the Bells and breath control.  It is not an easy song to sing since it is traditionally sung with a choir with staggered breathing.  She’s a trooper and likes singing it.  I am learning some basic piano so I can accompany her, keep her on tempo, and help with pitch queues.  She even performed Carol of the Bells for Oma and Opa when we saw them at Christmas and did an EXCELLENT job.


The first weekend in December we took a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a concert.  It was the kids first concert and they had a great time!  Kamy really liked seeing Lindsey Stirling — both kids know most of her music and we listen to it all the time in the car.  This was a tour of her Christmas album.

Kamy has been making Christmas gifts for people all month, including braided pipe cleaner bracelets for all the cousins.   She also chose or made gifts for many family members.

We enjoyed going to see SantaLand with our friends one evening.  SantaLand is a drive through Christmas light display about 20 minutes from our house.  We all piled into our friends’ SUV, ate cookies, and looked at all the colorful Christmas lights.

Kamy and Caden both helped decorate the house for Christmas too — especially the family Christmas tree upstairs.

Kamy LOVES LOVES LOVES her Christmas dress this year.  I found it at the CCC Sale back in October and have been saving it for the holidays.  She literally wore it at every Christmas event, so when you see her wearing the same thing in each photo this month, I promise it was washed between weeks.  =P  Min even gave her a necklace that was a perfect match!

For Christmas itself, we were spoiled with our usual extended celebrations.  We spent a weekend in DFW with Keller’s side of the family (three different rounds — Min, Grandbobby and the extended family, and Nana).  We did Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve with just the four of us before driving to Colorado Christmas Day.  Then we did ANOTHER Christmas on the 26th with Oma and Opa.  The kids were thoroughly gifted and we loved getting to spend time with everyone.

This year we gave the kids (and Daddy) a combined Christmas gift of the Nintendo Switch.  They all enjoy playing on it — both new games and updated versions of old favorites.  Daddy wrapped each part separately, including all the game cases, so there was quite a stack under the tree!

We only did about two and a half weeks of school this month since we were traveling so much.  But that’s the beauty of homeschooling!  =)  We started reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon for literature.  Kamy’s been working on rounding in the thousands and multiplication by factors of 10 (10, 100, 1000) in math.