Why A Blog?

Welcome to our blog!  I’m starting this blog with the intention of journaling and sharing this amazing, life changing experience with friends and family, and most importantly as a remembrance for McKamy – something she can look back on years later and maybe learn about us and herself.

We are thrilled beyond belief at her arrival – she’s stolen our hearts from the moment she arrived and we’d never give her up for the world.   She has turned our lives upside down … in a great way!

Keller put it very aptly the other day when commenting on how she has already changed our lives.  We’ve always heard that having a baby would change your life and we thought we understood what people meant by it – that is was a good thing but mostly giving up on a part of your life … your independence, ability to make changes and plans on the fly, and keep your own priorities.  That having a baby and starting your family meant giving up on what you, as an individual or couple, wanted for yourself.  Sure, that was understood.

But what we did not anticipate is how it changes your perspective in a POSITIVE way – that it can change your marriage relationship in a great way and bring you closer.  That it opens up your mind to whole other opportunities.  That you don’t view activities / movies / events from your perspective but rather how it will impact her.  That you can get excited about watching Disney princess movies and dreaming about what she will be interested in.  That it doesn’t matter that your life has changed – you would not go back for the world.

So, welcome to our blog!

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