Efteling 2020

One of our theme parks on the list to visit this spring was Efteling. We went there two years ago on our prior trip, but we wanted to return so we could count it toward our “Year of the Roller Coaster” extravaganza. While the rest of our theme parks didn’t happen in 2020, we DID manage to visit Efteling.

We went on one of the very first days of their new season. The weather was cold and drizzly (typical Dutch early spring weather), but it worked best in our schedule and we were hoping for lower crowds as a result. We were all bundled up in layers, which mostly kept us warm. All the water rides were closed, including the Flying Dutchman.

Alie and Rudy graciously let us borrow their car for the day, so we packed up and headed out first thing in the morning. Traffic was light and we arrived just after the park opened.

We headed straight for The Baron 1898 coaster since Symbolica was not open and had a short wait to ride it. It was quite chilly during the ride and Caden promptly lost his hat. His ears were a little cold for the rest of the day!

We worked our way around the park — riding Joris and the Dragon, Python, and Polka Marina before grabbing a snack from one of the food counters.

Symbolica finally opened, so we rode it a couple of times to experience all three different tracks. This is probably my favorite ride in the whole park, and I was happy to do it a couple of times. Kamy picked up a puzzle of Symbolica at the gift shop as a souvenir.

It is such a beautiful ride!

Kamy and Caden rode the Vogel Rok indoor coaster several times before riding the tea cups and Carnival Festival too. We spent more time in the Fairy Tale forest on this visit, as well as enjoyed the Steam Carousel and Dream Flight.

Efteling’s model train display is always impressive. Caden loved watching all the trains and tried to figure out where they were heading.

To finish up we returned to Baron and Symbolica for one last ride before driving back home.

It was chilly and damp, but overall we had a good time. I’m really glad we were ABLE to even visit, since about two weeks later things started closing due to corona virus. I think we can wait a couple more years before returning again, but Efteling is a fun little park to visit! Tot ziens!