What’s In A Name?

Katherine McKamy Giacomarro

Why did we choose the name that we did?  What does it mean? What are you going to call her?

Keller and I both have unique names.  We wanted something that had personality and was unique.  And of course it had to go with Giacomarro – not an easy task.

We knew early on that we wanted her middle name to be McKamy, a family name.  My grandmother (Oma as she was known) was Doris Dye McKamy Skelton.  McKamy was her maiden name.  She was an incredibly influential person in my life and we wanted to honor her by naming our daughter for her.  We really like the simplicity of McKamy and the family ties it has.

As far as Katherine goes, we spent a long time deciding on her first name.  Keller actually picked it out.  Since she has a unique middle name that we are going to call her by, we wanted to give her the option of a more “normal” name if she decided she didn’t like it for some reason.  Katherine has a lot of options – she can go by Katherine, Kat, Katie, or a slew of other options.

So, welcome to our little family Kamy … we absolutely adore you and cannot imagine life without you!